Breanne Mcmillan — Pepsi Princess At It Again

Well Breanne Mcmillan but she has been on a binger with the pepsi how are you affording your habits Breanne? Are you still doing work on the side? Or are you still dealing drugs acting like your somebody? Where is your child in all this nobody wants to be around you, you have been dropping friends like flies lately with all the outburst and crying you have been doing you act like your life is so hard when you my friend got it very easy. You dont want to hang out with shaina or your sister kayla cause you are scared that they will sleep with jeff, lol you slept with all your friends boyfriends and brother lets not forget you know who’s dad that you were caught with and said you were so intoxicated and it would never happen again LMFAO. You are as fake as they come you are a walking plastic human who wants to get another boob job lmao? Cause the ones you got now are not good enough, little princess always throwing around her money on garbage and not taking care of the child she acts like she cares about all over social media we a know how you really she is at your moms all weekend and half the summer so you can get a break? You are a loser Breanne and will forever be one get off the pepsi and wake up 2020 we aren’t 16 anymore. You got no friends anymore do you not see how you are? GARBAGE HUMAN BEING. tune in for more posts coming soon!

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