Breanne Elissa Sarah Sinclair — Lying Psycho Alert!

Please make public or share any screenshots/personal truths of past or current bullsh*t with this p*ycho so hopefully her current and future “relationships” see this and all the damage shes caused. Shes currently “in a relationship” but telling people shes single to flirt f*ck and use them. She likes to make up insane lies and stories that dont make sense half the time about how shes a victim of abuse or something crazy but in reality shes the abuser as she beats you for no reason, breaks your stuff, has to control you and your life or shell ruin it, threatens your job your family friends and pets, steals, does drugs, cheats, lies, and then tries to make it your fault somehow. Your lifes a toy to her and she likes to mess with your head and make you go crazy to distract you from how crazy she is and all the lies and games she plays. Shes been doing this with all of her “partners” and even her “friends”. She just uses you for fun or for things she “needs” and then leaves you on a back burner until youre useful or figure out shes a useless piece of sh*t. And if you think youre fine with “using her back” for whatever sick reason shes been described as a “musty matress” on more than one occasion “starfish” “limpy used up hole” “boringaf” you get it lol neither fun or kinky so ill save your imagination and efforts. Youre welcome. Shes disgusting filth of this earth and people should have a chance to know this. I hope your name is forever stained and you actually are left alone and not like how you pretend to be and cry about you stupid whiny b*tch. Your son also deserves better. A life free from your toxic bullsh*t

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