Austin Balan — The Clown Shoe

Austin Balan — The Clown Shoe. Austin Balan is a complete loser. Look at his clothes and how he dresses and poses lmfaoo. He thinks he’s so hot but he’s ugly asf look at that scrubby beard. He has sex with any girl he can even little girls. He’s gotta sh1tty d1ck and the hairiest a55 and chest. This skinner goof isn’t sh1t and never will be sh1t to anyone. He plays footy and thinks he’s better then anyone because he plays for U of M when literally nobody cares… Other then your pedophile rapist of a mom! I think he’s this way because his mother Dana Jacobson abuses him but who knows… Doesn’t give him any right to go around abusing other women. He dates the ugliest b1tchs and cheats on them all with even uglier a55 b1tchs. This kid doesn’t even know how to wipe his a55 properly!! He’s such a waste of skin. Austin sends nudes to anyone on his Snapchat list INCLUDING guys and I have proof of that. He fuked me while he was dating his long term last gf and denies it all to this day. CHEATER ALERT!!!!! Somebody put this ugly mutt in a leash before he hands out sexually transmitted drds to everyone in our city!! His father Carl Balan (CJ Balan) also murdered an entire family with KIDS while drinking driving with road rage with his ex partner Crystal and has NEVER done any time for it!!!!!! No wonder Austin’s so fuked up he comes from the most fuked up family in our city!

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