Aspen Avdi — Cvm Dumpster

Aspen Avdi — Cvm Dumpster.niiiik, this is aspen. she is the most untrustworthy, lying, piece of sh1t female ive ever grown to know. i was close with her before high school and things were fine. she was the regular cry baby, good girl who would trip out and cry after getting high off one hoot. then high school started and and her ways of thinking and acting started changing, she started dressing and acting like a completely whore, she started sleeping with every guy in the school, and she started flashing guys on sc and ig dms. i still tried to stick by her side, until my 2 year relationship ended and she started messing around with him right after. yet she called us “relationship goals” lol snake! i recommend anyone who doesn’t know aspen to keep it that way, she’s not to be trusted. if she can turn around on her own “girls” for d1ck, she can do it to you too. d1ck loving h0es always wanna taste what’s been inside of you.

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