Aaliyah Simms — Aaliyah Is A Snitches With Kleo Loser

This is Aaliyah deaf and dumb floozy she is cops caller on all people and making fake report calm sexual a55aloot and she have a boyfriend kleo harper he is loser with drd and no wondering why cripss jump her boyfriend azz. kleo love talk talk on winnipeg gangz beware dont sell any drugs to Aaliyah she will check dealer places and call cops on dealer and busted raid. she love smoke ice bubble with her boyfriend kleo. and her ex bf charges was drop because she claim raped and report fake statement to pigs she did with 10 black gangzbang sexual orgy in central park with deaf person larry yk selling Aaliyah for ice bubble and weeds from central cripzz she is unfit loser. she all way carry a hammer and smashed people head and robbery money and alcohol. watch out of them sicko.

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