SUZAN ALLAWI & HOZAN ALLAWI — The Dirty ALLAWIS.For those of you who don’t know the Allawi family, well let me let you in on a little secret. SUZAN ALLAWI & HOZAN ALLAWI are the dirtiest whores to walk this earth. These two talk mad sh1t about other girls being sluts and h0es meanwhile they suk d1ck for bags of pepsi. Oh and let’s not forget sharing the same dudes they fuk. These crackheads have no shame, no self-respect and act like they’re real to your face just to turn around and talk sh1t behind your back. They have slept, fuked, suked, and used every man in Windsor not to forget Dearborn. We get it you have daddy issues and I don’t blame them their dad Cheats on his wife daily making moves on underaged girls, this pedaphile even tried to lay one on me for crying out loud. One word for you DIRT. SUZAN ALLAWI fuks around behind her “mans” back Wael then claims to love him, damn she even tried to lay one on my own boyfriend right infront of me. This b1tch isn’t capable of love. Stick to stealing meat from Costco and perfumes to pay your bills you broke b1tch. This thief will be nothing more than a slut who gets fuked then tossed the next second. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MANIPULATIVE LIAR SHE IS NOTHING BUT BAD NEWS.

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