Robert Bromley — Now I Know Why You’re A Woman Beater

Robert Bromley — Now I Know Why You’re A Woman Beater. I was minding my own business when this loser comes up to me, and says lets settle this. I’m like who are you. He says I’m Robert Bromley I rented from you, and you took me to court. He was pissed I didn’t remember him, after all I can’t remember ever piece of sh1t I flush down the toilet. So this Ips tries to punch me seven times and only succeed at knocking of my hat, this Ips claims to have been in the Canadian armed forces; what a joke. If this Ips was in the Forces, Canada is fuked. Like when I won against him and the girl he beat up (like a real MAN LOL), having a lawyer against me, prosecuting all by myself I won it all, and once more I defeated this coward on the streets leaving my mark on his face for life. Since this Ips can’t even beat a little MAN it’s no wonder why he has to beat women to get his MAN feelings. This junkie can’t even beat up a small MAN or take his girlfriend to McDonald’s for a happy meal. This is the definition of a PS LOOSER!

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