Patrick Bolton — Dead Beat, Junkie, Loser

Patrick Bolton — Dead Beat Junkie Loser. This is Pat Bolton, He is one of Windsor’s biggest piece of trash. Any girl who has or would or is dating this dead beat of a dad is a piece of trash herself. He talks sh1t about his baby mom and in reality he’s trash and dont want this loser around her kids let alone anyone’s. I dont blame her. You go mama. He is well known for hoping from bucket to bucket. He sleeps with the lowest of lows and if you slept with him get checked. He will try to use you and live off you until you cant help him out no more. He is a junkie who talks shit about his brother paul and calls him a closet crack head and talks mad sh1t about them. He is a thief and a compulsive liar. Any and all attempts to stick his d1ck in you. Lmfao I mean of your pathetic enough to let him. He recently dated jerrica wood and paige and the list goes on. Anyone who would mess with jerrica or paige candice moore are beyond trash. Dont y’all got kids to .? Buckets at their finest.

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