Luke Lucier — Small D1ck Dirt Bag Of Windsor, Ontario

Luke Lucier — Small D1ck Dirt Bag Of Windsor Ontario.This short shrimp d1ck is one of the most grimiest and dirtiest dudes in windsor . he may be good looking but that doesn’t make up for his lack of brain cells. he doesn’t have any real friends bc he snakes them out and constantly talks sh1t about them behind their back. he can’t keep a girl either because he’s toxic af. He’s mentally and physically abusive. he msged me and my cousin while we were together in the same room!! He claims to be a good father and wants to see his kid but puts in no effort to be a good dad and wants to be a bum that sits around all day doing nothin with his life. IVe partied with this guy before and just his ignorant personality and how he treats others made me stay away from him. Keep away from this POS !!

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