Chelsie Gates — Chelsie The slutty Pig

Lets talk about this slut right here, Let’s talk about the fact she doesn’t know who her sons dad is, poor kid stuck with this ugly b1tch as a mom what a tragedy! She has a stinky pu55y like needs to be antibiotics every single one ever made preferably, someone needs to tell her that getting fuked by a dumpster causes dumpster babies cause she can’t seem to stop having kids and giving them to other people, take care of your kids pepsi whore! She also needs her ass beat cause she talks sh1t about everyone and then plays like she doesn’t when she’s confronted, she likes to sleep with men who are still married, Absolutely disgusting one of the men she’s slept with was her friends Almost ex husband ALMOST b1tch still legally married youre gross, watch out for her she will come party with you just for free booze and blow it’s sad she just had a baby and is already drinking again, let’s talk about her nasty selfies she post for attention. She harassed and tortured this poor guy named Steven for almost a year over this kid who looks nothing like him NOTHING how could you even think of that kid i was his whore? Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something with your life besides spread your loose vagina over the city… NASTY! Find what wig you wanna wear what medication you need and stop sleeping with other people’s husbands!

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