Stephen Kitras — Wants To Fight My Boy! Set It Up, Nik

we got here Stephen Kitras‘ ex wife, Elke Kitras. Rumours are she was plundered by her father. Nik, Elke wasn’t raped. With those t-i-t-s, she was merely an “apple” waiting to be picked. I wonder if the father lubed up before ramming his pipe in her muffler!!! And what’s up with feminists and feminist uncle toms being the only ones always raped. Nik, Stephen Kitras tried to take my boy out three times and lost. Each time using those backward c-v-n-ts of his: Julia Kitras, Tristan Curtis, Matthew’s Barbershop, Matthew Forbes, Emma Howarth Withers, Guylaine LaRochelle, Scott Haynes, Julia Kitras, Stephen Kitras, Vincent Klimkosz, Dakota Plante, Lucy Kitras, Ryan Cassidy, Paul Copoc, Wyndham Art Supply, No Guff Auto, Common Cafe, Miranda Dawn Hubbard (all three holes Hubbard), Community Living Guelph, Shopkeeper Guelph, Golden Bus Guelph, Jennifer Mitchell, Michelle Hadati, Meredith Brown, Brita Akerstream, Michal Dudek, Vinnie’s Mr. Fix It, Kitras Art Glass, Royal City Roller Derby, Stephanie Yates, Joseph Shorter, Aggie Mlynarz, Candice Lepage, Rachael Maple, Gnathan Campagnaro, Sandy Hamilton “All Three Holes Sandy Hamilton”, Christine Curtis, Paul Curtis, Kevin Konnyu, Kenneth Chas We now want scalps, Nik. Stephen Kitras look us up b1tch, and let’s do this! You can’t scream about your babies being inside, upstairs, first door on the right when you get smacked around like what I saw happen to Tristan Curtis. He was definitely turned inside and out like a 30 dollar h-0-e.

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