Tiara Wootton — Exposure

I’m not sure if I should keep it simple or long but it involves multiple people and some bad grudges. Idk who to do first but this is what I know. I told my family and friends at a Christmas party in 2018 that it was my girlfriend’s bedtime based on how we had been treated (i meant to be spiteful and I never went back) she took that to heart and went back to her player ex idfk his name and idc. On new years we went to the club and I saw them making out and dancing so I knew from then on what I was and went on to play the part. She was using me as an escape and a sugar daddy from the start. I’m just a fuking skateboarder btw who lives at home. Shed ask for rings, rides, food, I was being used for everything. Then I went on a ski trip and had to cancel our plans because my parents asked me to. Again gone to fuck her ex and I get blamed after. Fantastic. So I take her to dinners and brunches and all this good sht, drive her to work and school. Then I go to Calgary to get a better job GUESS WHAT back with the player. Then I turn it up a bit. I start asking for her to pay for food/gas/ my cigarettes. Then I leave her out to dry ONCE ONCE FUKING UNO just to see if she would open up. Naaaaahhh sick evil bitch got what she deserved. Don’t assume shit from someone who cares so deeply about you. And don’t believe a fucking word Baylee Wiswel has to say. She’s the reason I’m in this mess. Evil fucking bitch never got over the fact I let her use me to cheat on her boyfriend. And she used me a second time years after for drunk sex. So yeah fuck these evil birches who think they can pull over on “nice guys”.

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