Cody Murphy BEWARE Pathological Lying Narcissistic Sociopath Sex/Pepsi Addict Alcoholic

Cody Murphy BEWARE Pathological Lying Narcissistic Sociopath Sex/Pepsi Addict Alcoholic. This guy is the best liar I’ve ever met. He will lie about anything and everything to get what he wants, so manipulative and charming and will use you for everything you’re worth. Don’t lend him a vehicle because hes probably driving it to his other b1tches houses and probably won’t come back, might crash it drunk even, especially when it’s payday, you can guarantee he’s high on Pepsi. Hes a downright persistent, desperate, borderline rapist, sexual predator who will get young, naïve vulnerable girls and ask them if they’re single to hook up so he can feed them Pepsi and shove their head down once they walk thru the door so they can suck his shriveled, limp, tiny d1ck for hours while he watches porn and ignores your basic human needs. He moved in with me and asked me to be his girlfriend, constantly reassuring me that I am the only one, he never paid me rent and I paid for everything for a few months until I had to tell him he had to start paying for sh1t or gtfo. Using a fake profile, I found him on Tinder, confronted him about it and he gaslit me saying he was trying to find me on it. Found out from another ex of his that he did this to her as well. He wouldn’t sleep with me after the first couple weeks because he had a mystery sore on his d1ck he hid and told me he wasn’t in the mood. When he finally told me about it he said he “wanted it to heal fully” wouldn’t tell me where it came from, then once healed said he didn’t want to have sex because it interfered with his sobriety, yet he was either high or drunk every weekend unless he has no money because he’s “blown” it all. Everything is one excuse after the other don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth, just run. He’ll ask you for money to tie him over, even asked me to sell shit on marketplace so he can feed his habits. He’ll tell you he loves you, that you’re the once in a lifetime girl but have another full blown girlfriend whos a stone’s throw away and she’s getting all the attention you’ve been begging and pleading him for months. He’ll never make plans with you, will always ask you when you’re coming home prob bc he’s out getting his d1ck sucked, or will leave at a moment’s notice and come home to tell you how he made dinner for a “friend from recovery” while you’re already in the middle of making the both of u dinner, yet he’s never made you dinner and end up packing the leftovers that he takes for his lunches. He will go for walks to “call his dad, going to the gym, and or go for coffee with a friend” but really just probably fuking some other b1tch unprotected, taking a shower at her house and coming home to you a couple hours later sending her texts goodnight but cuddling you giving you kisses goodnight. He uses his family and past as a sob story to make you feel pity for him, so you believe him when he says he’s meeting his mom when he’s really out on a date or fuking new chicks. Hes a cuck and has a roster of girls, young and old, that he messages every day asking if they’ve sucked lately, so don’t think you’re the only one or that you’re special. Get yourself checked and gtfo. He will come up with stories about how he’s got a toxic roommate that he punched, and that he’s got a curfew because he has to wake up early for work, so that’s why he never stays the night and that’s why you’ll never go over to his house because he’s probably just mooching off the next innocent female trying to help him out, and she’s probably crying up at night wondering where he is because he hasn’t come home with her car and won’t answer his phone yet he’s active on Facebook till 5am prob high as a kite pathetically messaging random young girls for sex. Spare yourself the mental trauma from the repeated narcissistic and emotional abuse and don’t waste your time with this coward, this poor excuse for a man.

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