Rick Dhaliwal — Lying Cheating Ugly Waste Of Skin

Where do I even start with this individual… he’s just not all there. He keeps at least a dozen women on his radar at any given time. He uses every single one of them. He’s a fuking man whore who thinks his s*** don’t stink. He has zero ability to admit he’s in the wrong and he will NEVER admit that what he’s doing to women is dirty. He’s proud of his pedophile ways. He brags to his co-workers about the women he gets with. He comes across as nice and he says the right things but he is very quick to manipulate you into letting him live with you and mooch off of you every chance he gets. He’s a cheap broke a55 who drives truck for a living. I wish I could warn all the women to stay clear of this waste of skin but unfortunately, I can’t. He’s awful in bed and has a small d*** yet he thinks he is just amazing and he thinks he can get all the sexy women. He’s down right delusional! He needs mental help but he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with him but there is. Stay clear of him unless you want drds. He’s most likely full of them with the amount of dirty women he sleeps with on the regular! FukInG NaStY!!!!!!!!

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