Jessica Kane — The Clown

This is Jessica Kane aka the most miserable clown to ever exist. She hates herself and her life so she spends all day talking sh1t and cyber bullying on Instagram. She’s lonely and can’t get a real man (because she looks like shreks wife and acts like surrey trash) so she spends all day hating on others to make herself feel better. It’s pretty sad. This white trash is a cardi B wannabe and says she wants to book a studio to become a rapper LOL!!!! OH Jessica!!! She also does 20 face masks a day and claims she has flawless face HAHAHA poor thing doesn’t realize she needs surgery To fix that manly overfilled face of hers. SHE ACTUALLY THINKS SHES PRETTY and tries to give other girls makeup and fashion advice. LOL!!!!!! Jessica makes a living by licking skin and having her holes filled but then hates on floozies and escorts on social media. HYPOCRITE!!!! SHE HAS NO FRIENDS and is the most hated clown in Edmonton and Vancouver.

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