Dylan Zacharias — 100 – 0 Just Like That

: This is Good old Dylan Zacharias. Was from Maple Ridge, but now is living with his mommy in surrey. Ladies, trust me … he may look nice on the outside. He is the biggest loser and wanna be gangster around. I don’t know what happened, but he will hurt anyone of his “close friends” if it means putting himself first. He even puts himself in front of his own daughter. Actually his only friend right now is his drug dealer. Dylan loves playing the victim and blaming anyone else besides himself for his action. Not only is he a cheater, a liar, a low life, an a55hole, selfish and annoying to even talk too. (that’s if he lets you get a word in edge wise) slept with his gf of 8 years sister, hits woman and then always has an excuse, but he will even hack into your personal accounts and save everything while installing hidden cameras in your own home and call you crazy. He has DRDs And only his truck to piss in. Too bad.

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