Adam Shushenski — Adam From Golden The Manipulator

Adam Shushenski — Adam From Golden The Manipulator. This guy will try to charm you and feed you these lines from a book. You’ll think its corny and doubt it but because he says hes from a small town and hes not tye best looking guy You’ll believe him. He has no personality and he turns into a chameleon with every girl he tries to get. Hes from calgary, not golden, partied as a bartender (red flag) and lies about everything. He will try to make himself seem innocent but hes far from it. All he wants is your body. Hes done it to my friend and tried with my other friends. Its painfully clear his game is from 2005. He uses every old tactic in the book at age 40. Disgusting. He needs to grow the fk up and not toy with emotions. He pretends to have a connection and ditches the girl after sleeping with them for a new one but stringing them along by saying sweet nothings and promises of forever, and texting new girls of casual hookups. He’s so dumb he cant tell when hes being catfished because he wants the P so much. This is our town adam and we been playing here way longer. You messed with the wrong crew. Go home Adam Shushenski.

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