Giovanni Benkiser — Bed Wetter

Giovanni Benkiser — Bed Wetter. Careful ladies! He will have a goofy teddy bear vibe to real you in. He’ll make you feel special for a while, f*** you a couple times, then start giving you less than minimal effort but still string you along as a rebound or “just in case” until he sees how bad you’re hurting then he’ll just leave you for his back up girl. Not only that, this man can’t read! He has the reading level of a first grader! This man not only pisses on people’s lives, but he literally pisses their beds too! That’s what he does when he gets black out drunk. He also gets drunk and ruins sinks and punches/head glams his heads into doors. He basically was BEGGED to pay for the damages. He carries so much audacity! So stay away unless you have a waterproof mattress protector and wanna walk up to a wet spot that’s not from you getting railed good. Oh that’s right he can’t provide that either.

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