Taylor Conroy/Zoe Donaldson — Penis Big Enough For Ha Not Honda

A father or want to be father. Family lied, repeatedly about the mother to his child. Fought for the child doesn’t want the child. Lives in a house with no heat and court system to stupid. Drives like a idiot with child in the care. Can’t afford to feed the kid. His girlfriend gets along with the kid but she is the same age. A dirt squirrel from Trenton. Who is trying to play mom. Meanwhile to loose to carry her own kid. The pair shldnt reproduce they look like brother and sister. Rather spend money on cars and borrows money from family. Taylor rather hook up on dating sites behind his gf back while she works at travel lodge in Trenton. He is such a great father gets a tattoo to represents the time of birth of his son and screws it up he doesn’t even know the correct time. Yes father of the year. Had sexual realastions showing his penis to his guy friend. Plays the victim and never accepts his own faults.

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