Chris Bryant — Beware Of This LOSER!

Ladies, Avoid this boy at all cost! He is the definition of a destructive narcissist. He is a parasite at his core. He pretends to be sweet and loving, but it’s all a ploy to deceive you. He has many women on the go at once, all playing the same mind game with them. He feeds off of the attention, so one woman will not be enough for his ego. Forget him being faithful; it’s just not in his character; he will fuck anything! PROTECT yourself if you end up falling into his bed. He lies about every aspect of his life from how many baby momma’s he has his education and what he does for a living. He’s nothing more than a talentless middle-age wannabe rapper. He is one major man child and will start conflict for no reason, as narcissist do he will gaslight and belittle you to feed his ego. This is a warning to anyone who might come in contact with him, do not allow him to infiltrate your life, RUN! He will try to slick talk you and tell you all the things you want to hear…. But it’s always lies. There will be no fairy tale ending; he will only use you and then discard you and moving on to his next victim. If you are sleeping with him, get checked IMMEDIATELY! Besides myself, I know of other girls who’ve had to get treated because of something he’s given us. Protect your heart, your body and your mind, ladies. Let’s not give these fragile ego boys our attention.

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