Ashley Lyn Floozy Extraordinaire

Ashley Lyn Floozy Extraordinaire. This girl is a full on floozy who is more than comfortable sleeping with married men including my husband. He admitted he met her at a massage parlour named allure in Mississauga using the name “Lauren” (wearing the same jersey in some of the photos) where she also sells her services and they went from there. We just had a baby a few months ago..thanks so much for taking care of his “needs” while I was going through a tough pregnancy and its aftermath…… as much of a scum bag he is I can’t believe your so comfortable doing what you do. Please focus on fixing your life and morals instead of making yourself so easily accessible to ruin others. He’s all yours to take advantage of now. Hope you use protection because he absolutely has DRDs, I went to the doctor with him when he got the wart removed , I’m sure you saw it….

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