Rodney Dwira — The Slumlord

Rodney Dwira — The Slumlord. This slvmlord illegally enters his tenants apartments with no notice harasses his tenants he even resorts to stealing his tenants belongings he stole his tenants beloved animals illegally entering with no notice he doesn’t maintain his building refuses to make repairs, won’t hire workers to get rid of bedbug infestation because he’s to cheap and greedy even though he has a bunch of money, he knowingly allows drug dealers to sell drugs out of his buildings knowingly allows registered sex offenders to live in his building which is on the same street as a public school and park on pacific avenue he allows tenants to hara55 and psychically assault each other a man even lit another man on fire avoid renting from this slvmlord at all costs ! He couldn’t make it as a landlord in Toronto so he moved to tbay to be a slvmlord !

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