Leeza Anne Dickey / Yli-Hukkala

Leeza Anne Dickey / Yli-Hukkala.Leeza Anne Dickey / Leeza Dickey / Leeza Yli-Hukkala / Shredder Dickey (on FB) is one of Thunder Bays dirtiest people in the entire city just beached whale-scum She likes to slander people + spread lies on social media about people who done nothing wrong because she gets off on other ppl’s suffering and gets a high off of it. She claims she’s “independent” but still lives with Mama and Dadda who are deadbeat alchoholics and potsmokers who enable Leeza’s s**tty behaviour at 25 years old. This loser worked at the Hoito for years because she’s no different than Momma dearest and now that she’s out of a job I doubt anyone would want to hire this POS and someone whose as much of a failure as she is. In her past Leeza enjoyed abusing her pets such as Basil her hamster by pinching clothespins to his back n putting him up in tree branches N letting him fall over and over again until he would twitch out. She would laugh and think it was hilarious wtffff. She would shove her cat Katie in the washing machine N’ close the lid and listen to her cat panic + scream repeatedly because that was also funny to her…… just like the times she would throw balls of ice at moving cars and endanger whole families with their kids on dangerous roadways in the winter, and would LOL ABOUT IT This b*tch is sadistic N just because that may have been some years ago does not change the fact that SHE HASN’T CHANGED!!! She will throw any body under the bus for any lie she makes up just to gain a little FAME. Steer clear of this sociopath. no wonder the only friends she has are criminals. Those are the only type of people she attracts ……. criminals and gossipers just like her!! There is a reason Leeza so many people know who you are in town + never for anything good. You have so many people who hate you and wanted you dead over the years and it’s no wonder why YOU LOSER SCUM even ur own dad hates you and you know it and mommy is just a HUGE enabler to you what a pathetic life you live rofl She also thinks she’s hot tough sh** but its sooooo funny because shes so easily intimidated. Shes a huge scardy cat and pussies out of any situation just likes to open her fat gob and shove more cake down honestly lmao this is the only pic i could find of her but she basically looks the same exept this one being a little outdated . She is so scared of ppl IRL she removed every photo almost of her off every site because that’s how many ppl hate her HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAA PS You can find her in the Rockwood area of PA driving her sh*tty blue Jimmy. I would avoid her at all costs. She’s also HUUUUGE and MORBIDLY OBESE and she’s super hard to miss, NGL LMFAO

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