Kayla Wark — Fugly B1tch/Fatty

I use to be good friends with Kayla, but than I realized I’d be better off without her, all she did was weigh me down in my friend group, she’s to fat to have any friends and she definitely was never truly liked in school, the boys that dated her only did for the money they got after. She thinks she’s likeable when she’s not she’s not worth anyone’s day, she’s fat! I feel bad for her family having to live with this virgin b1tch and always seeing her over eat food and gaining more and more weight each day! (Oh yeah she’s a virgin as well hence why I said virgin b1tch) can’t even get laid cause she’s so big!! haha she really stunk in school too never showered only when it was convenient for her. Wow she suks big time though! No guy will give her the time of day! fugly B1tch

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