Jesse Scott — Deadbeat Crackhead Filth

Jesse Scott — Deadbeat Crackhead Filth.

This guy is the dirtiest person you will meet!! He probably showeres once a month if that!! He has to be told to shower or brush his teeth nor anything! He is so greasy and nasty and wears the same clo5hs everyday for a month too!! He also will rob you blind, he is a thief and will steal from his own mom or any loved ones. He sleeps with anything that has a pulse and loves to cheat!. He is such a crack head will sell everything he owns for a hoot. He will sell his phone for a small a55 hoot. If hes around you watch anything worth money , because he will rob you for his next fix. He also is a women abuser and will abuse his women mentally, physically, and emotionally. He is so controlling and insecure ita sad. I’ve seen him with his gf and he has left her black and blue and they are always fighting. He has a history of beating all his gfs, and a man doesn’t touch his women.. so he is not a man..henis a lil goof!

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