Jasmine Pelts — I’m Not Insecure I Swear

Remember in gr 9 when you sh1t your pants in gym. —Jasmine Pelts is tbays biggest & Whitest native. we thot you deserve this . – As for you who don’t know, jasmine was driving under the influence & crashed leaving her “friend” on the side of the road. —She still loves to brag about how sick drinking and driving is! -She is so big and loud you could spot her anywhere. —She loves to steal to friends and your boyfriends & have multiple orgies . She is probably the dirtiest thing in tbay, tho should know she loves to have all the mans to herself, she does not share. She is now dating someone who is so pu55y whipped to her, while she fuks her h0es on the side. This is being made because jazzylish is the most hurt bag person and must hear this. Crack head eyebrows just like your crack head mom.

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