Dominique Morriseau — Neglected Child Floozy

Dominique Morriseau — Neglected Child Floozy.This dilico brat is seen at the mall with her grimy boyfriend everyday. She’s at the mall more than school. Sometimes I see her in school looking gross as fuk like hasnt doesn’t showered in days. Her breathe literally smells like d1ck when she comes to class facts she makes herself look thick in pictures meanwhile she’s shaped like a door in person. This girl doesn’t give a fuk about herself cause her parents don’t that’s why she in the child care system LOL this girl thinks she’s all that meanwhile she stinks like fish and looks like a shark. She is just as trashy as her grimy sister. Thunder bays dirtiest is Dominique Morrisau for being greasy and hanging out at the mall everyday *PUKE*

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