Jake Davis Beware Serial Thieving Predatory Trick

Jake Davis Beware Serial Thieving Predatory Trick. My friend just got scammed of nearly $3,000 by a guy named Jake Davis from Midlothian Texas who makes dates with girls and passes off bad checks that later bounce. He targets transgender women as well as single Moms (who he secretly hates) and later laughs about how he tricked them out of cashing his fake checks. The guy is about 5’7″ over 250 lbs,(big dad belly) brown frizzy hair and blue eyes. He looks dirty unkempt and is a dope (meth) fiend to the point of criminally psychotic behavior. He uses Facebook, instagram, Kik, Eros, backpage, etc for hookups and goes by many names: brandon Davis jake davis Andrew Matthews

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