Brittany Duerksen The Cheater

Brittany Duerksen The Cheater. Brittany is someone that is not to be trusted,and by no means should she be employed by anyone until she receives the mental health help she needs. She led my friend on for almost a year,hiding the fact that she had a boyfriend the entire time,and manipulated my friend while doing so. She has manipulated my friend and her boyfriend the entire time,she was using my friend as an escape from her life,till she finally told him that she had a boyfriend but that she was planning on breaking up with him very soon. Months pass by and it never happens. She would never divulge information to my friend because it was “her business” as she claimed over and over,everytime my friend would ask her why she hasn’t broken up with him yet and wanted to know why. She would constantly lead him astray and shift the blame to my friend for asking the simple question of ‘why’. She would manipulate and vilify him for asking why she hasn’t broken up with her boyfriend. Months later,she finally broke her silence and told my friend,that she hasn’t broken up with him,because she couldn’t afford to live alone on her own,admitting to the fact that she was just using her boyfriend for financial reasons…all the while cheating on him with my friend. How cold and heartless of an individual can one person be,well she managed to do both. My friend was blinded by rose colored glasses to see the truth in front of him,and thought the best of her even past her horrible actions she’s displayed. We can provide evidence to the cheating. She eventually ghosted and blocked my friend for selfish reasons of her own during her getaway trip to visit her friend. She’s not to be trusted and run the other way if you ever see her anywhere. She has constantly threatened to suicide,whenever my friend tried to end things, in fact we have proof of this. If that’s not toxic manipulation, I dont know what is. She has done this countless times.

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