Alyssa Denee Heck Self-Centered Mental Head Case Life Stomper And Home Wrecking Ball

Alyssa Denee Heck Self-Centered Mental Head Case Life Stomper And Home Wrecking Ball. Alyssa Denee Heck, 28, from Claude TX and living in Amarillo TX is again destroying homes and families by sleeping around with married men. She is daughter of Shannon Heck of Claude, TX. She is a professional home wrecker who has destroyed three families in a short period of time. Her first home was that of Michael Cruz, Chief Operating Officer of [REDACTED]. She worked as their nanny for several years and began an affair with Mr. Cruz while playing friends with his wife. Mr. Cruz even provided recommendation letters for Alyssa for her previous job where she worked, with his wife, at [REDACTED]. Alyssa claims to be a righteous Christian, but if your family attends [REDACTED] of Amarillo be careful, she is on the prowl. Alyssa’s next home to wreck was that of Mimi Barnard. She pursued Mr. Barnard while working for him on his investment loans at [REDACTED]. She knew Mr. Barnard was married and yet made her move anyway. After a year of sleeping with Mr. Barnard she wanted to have him all to herself so she called Mrs. Barnard and told her how she seduced her husband. While working at the [REDACTED] she found her next victim her boss, Mike Grant, the CEO. She slept with him in order to receive higher bonus payouts and was not shy about closing his door during business hours and having sex with him. Alyssa wasn’t done yet though, her high school sweetheart Devin Cornell just recently got married and Alyssa wanted to prove she could still get him, so she slept with Devin just a few months after his marriage to Kaylan Martin. Alyssa has a long history of married men. Her last strike was vengeance on a college boyfriend, Scott Sims, who oddly enough she accused but was never charged [REDACTED] her in college, even though they were a couple and she was drunk most of the time. She met him in Dallas while his family was out of town and took him for a ride. This woman is ruthless and has a fetish for married men because of her fear of commitment. She is the proud new owner of the [REDACTED] in Canyon, TX, If you have family there or are considering placing your family there I would reconsider.

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