Yohanis Fikire — This Person Is A Threat To The Community And Always Wants Sex Videos

This girls name is Yohanis Fikire who is video chats someone on Facebook and gets naked for people and when someone gets naked she’ll record it and tell everyone. She got undressed and puts a hot dog in her vagina on camera during the video chat on messenger. She’ll make your life a living hell if you ask other people. And yes she deserves to be on the dirty, she claims to be from the Reno area but currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but then again who knows I’ll tell ya that she’s very immature for a 26 year old and doesn’t know when to stop harassing people, honestly this person deserves to be on the dirty. If this person requests you on social media don’t accept it she’ll harass you and make you uncomfortable I’m saving you guys from this evil person.

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