George Rarasea — Of Sydney Fake Hotelier, Fraudster, scumbag

This pile of overweight island junk resides in Sydney, originates from Fiji. His ego is that of an eggshell and will shatter completely if you reject him, he then resorts to stalking and spreading fake rumours online. He claims to have own a hotel somewhere in Asia whereas in reality he was only hired on a short term contract but got terminated for harassing female staffs. He has a long track record of manipulating vulnerable woman, harassment, deceiving money from them, scamming and defrauding business partners. His mentality is of a teenager in adolescence, violent, stubborn and unbelievably ignorant. Ladies beware, he will lure you with his imaginary wealth along with fantasy tales island getaways and lavish lifestyles wheres his actually on the verge of bankruptcy. His only aim in life is to sleep around with woman and deceive them of their money. If you were ever harassed or cheated financially by him, please do not hesitate to report him to your local authority. He has a case file in place.

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