Aka Maya — 18 Year Old Home Wrecker/ Gold Digger

She looks so innocent ei? But This 18 y.o. girl stole my friend’s husband. Yes a little homewrecker/ gold digger! I know my friend and her husband were having some problems but that could have still been reconciled if not for this 18 year old girl whom her husband met in the gym. She works in a restaurant (take away) somewhere in Vancouver or Surrey area and is out of school youth. She took advantage of their issues and made her move while my friend was in Calgary for some important matter. I wonder how this girl’s parents would feel if they know their 18 year daughter is sleeping with a 30 year old married man? I wonder how she can sleep at night knowing that she ruined someone else’s life and marriage. My friend’s been suffering from depression ever since. I am pretty sure that this girl is just after my friend’s husband money knowing that he’s got a good job. You little gold digger! Godbless your soul (that is if you have one!) so yah ladies out there especially in New westminster or Surrey area where this gym is (not gonna mention tha gym’s name), watch out for this girl coz she might steal your husband from you.

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