Romel Fleming — Drd Having A55 Dudw

BEWARE: Ladies if you see this dude run the other way. He is beyond the world’s biggest lowlife. He will lie to you and steal from you. He has multiple woman all while having a fiancee at home. He thinks he is God’s gift to woman but in reality he needs to be at the clinic getting checked. Nasty a55 dude probably can’t keep track of what DRD he has now. His friends aren’t any better. They constantly lie for him and the sad part is they even pretend to be friends with his fiancee all while they know what he is doing. They hangout with her and even have her hanging with one of the girls he was (probably still is) cheating on her with. Don’t get me started on her either because she knows about his fiancee and has for YEARS. She even attended his and her childs birthday parties and had cookouts with them. Almost bet money she has some kinda daddy issues especially since she is crazy and thinks she is hot sh1t. They both deserve each other she jumps around from man to man as well smh and she has little girl that she is raising. Back to him lowlife loser needs to be put in his place. Ugly fat titty having a55 dude have fun working at McDonald’s and suking d1ck at 47 loser. While I am out here making 4 times what you make b1tch. One day you going to try to talk to the wrong and get your a55 beat. Lowlife loser go climb back into your hole snake a55 b1tch.

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