Nick Hinkle — Smellin Stinky A** Nick Hinkle

This dude Nick Hinkle doesnt take a bath and smells absolutely disgusting! He cant hold a job and picks trash for a living! He has uncountable baby mamas and instead of takin responsibility he blames them for why he cant see them! Grow up loser and get a damn job and stop beatin on females and kids! Its none of them its your pathetic a55! Females PLEASE BEWARE! He he tattoos that look like they came from a cracker jack box! Nasty buttery s*** smelling teeth that will knock u out! Well mr 8mile receding hairline dude its time people know who you really are! Nothing but a coward to always be beating on females! Marrying females to go break their face a day later! PATHETIC mr 8mile wannabe’ grow some balls cause lord knows you would never step to a man but can always beat on females!

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