John Grewe — Sociopath Seeks Widows Or Desperate Old Women

This no good piece of trash is John Grewe. He’s spread complete lies to everyone he meets about his horrible life and how he’s divorced and how his son and he are so close all to gain a place to live and for someone to take care of him. The truth is, he’s still married and took off leaving his wife and son to fend for theirselves and take care of her elderly mother. He’s currently got Kelly Brosnan as a easy mark. She has him living with her and even co signed for a car for him. But alas, John also seems to have had someone else on the hook. Good old, and I do mean old, Deb Stephens. Shes retired no doubt but brags about all her wealth and social status and her 15 foot bar. Truth of it is she lives in a barely 600 foot square foot shack in the Patch. She brags about her and John’s heated relationship but yet most of her stories have been debunked. Either way, it looks like Kelly is just a stopping point. Poor Deb believes he will come to her even after finding out. So ladies, if you need a little self esteem booster and some money and a place for his unemployed self to crash, he’s currently on Zoosk. Did I mention he’s still married?

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