Gene Weston Johnson — Worthless, Loser, Plays Games, Stay Away, Mentally Ill, Lies, Addicted To Sex, Strippers, Pepsi And Alcohol.

Gene Johnson thinks anyone is blessed to talk to him, but hes worthless and got fired from jobs loser. Gene and I dated from 2007-2009. for two years, and while we were dating Gene dumped me four times. Gene and I dated for a couple months in 2007, and he dumped me around Thanksgiving 2007. In 2008, Gene got back together with me and dumped me again. Later in 2008, Gene got back with me again. This Time Gene had recently dumped Sherri Brown. Gene told me ” Sherri was pretty sexual she did whatever I asked her to do. Sherri is bisexual so we had a threesome!!!! After Gene dumped me the third time, I had to change my phone number because he and Sherri wouldn’t stop calling. This Time, Gene had been fired from different jobs and he had no food in the apartment!! . A year later in 2008, Gene got back with me again and then he went to rehab. He acts like he is perfect, but he has mental illnesses bipolar and Narcissist. Gene is addicted to sex, strippers, Pepsi and Alcohol. Genes Ex.

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