SERENA MUNIZ — I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN. Meet Serena Muniz she calls herself the booty queen when she should be called the photoshop queen. she posts fake a55 reviews about how everyone loves her. when nobody even watched her lame a55 podcast or posts. she talks about GIRL power and how much she wants to empower women YET shell talk to your man. then she posts about how she’s this HARD worker yet she’s on ONLYFANS to make Quick easy money from thirsty men willing to pay to see her in a bikini. then she promotes other girls to do it to. easy money isn’t the way Hunny. so now NO matter what this girl accomplishes in her life, we all know it wasn’t from her hard work or training,. friends from independence and tell me how her body looks like a 12 yr old with no boobs NOTHING like she does online. no thick legs, calves or a$s yet she be looking thick in some of her photos with a slim waist that she doesn’t have(photoshop queen) I hope this girl stops promoting other girls who have value, morals and self respect to sell themselves short to make Quick money with their bodies. NO matter what you achieve in ur life serena, we all know where you got the easy doe from HAHAHA… Go support her on ONLY FANS shes desperate for money right now after quarantine. Nothing screams your broke and suk at ur ”dream job” when u go on ONLYFANS LOL. reminder:you won’t see a strong hard working woman who makes good money on ONLYFANS. stop normalizing it. its a app for slutS wanting to make quick easy dirty money. end of the story., sh1t being a bottle girl would of been some what respectable at this point LOL. I could laugh at her every time i see her out. every dude i know dated her back in the day all said they just liked to screw her and remain friends but never see her as a wifey material or cared to pursue her.

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