Kyle Frederick Abusive Alcoholic Deadbeat

Kyle frederick is an abusive, deadbeat who doesnt pay child support, hasnt seen his kids in how long, promises hes gonna stop drinking but never does, used to hit his ex gf, got charged and got his family to blame her for not kissing his a$$, is a racist (especially towards indians) if he doesnt like you, he gets in your face, and will comment on 15 yr old girls butts. is okay punching his siblings and hitting their gf’s, and has a superiority complex to the point that if anyone enters his life and challenges his way of thinking, he hates them and hurts them. his gf never says anything and everyone in his family enables his behaviour, so he doesnt see anything wrong with the way he acts. he looks like he does meth and smells like he doesnt know what a toothbrush is, likes to scream in peoples faces to the point of being able to feel his spit on your face, if you back him into a corner he’ll threaten to call the cops despite being drunk and violating his conditions.

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