Kailey Marie Fake Friend, Thief, Con And Real Life Homewrecker

Kailey Marie Fake Friend Thief Con And Real Life Homewrecker. Although Kailey Gran had a bf of her own ( he smartened up and dumped her fake ass) she still had to fuck with my man. She had a boyfriend but was cheating on him with my man off and on since 2017. She is a truly evil women that doesnt have custody of her don because she hits the pipe. She is thief, but She also put my man in jail for over a year by ratting on him. She recently caused him to dump me while she took him on a flail holiday through Alberta. If your trailers gone Kailey and Chris probably sold it to buy meth or ass lubes. Unlucky b!tch wasntbhappybwith one man she wasnt happy with wrecker her own home. She had to wreck mine too. This old a55 b1tch preys on young native men. She gets them to commit crimes for her and then let’s them take the fall for her. She took my babys daddy away from his kids.

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