Em Jacobs And Jeff Ellsworth — Accidently Pregnancy Or Was It On Purpose?

Em Jacobs And Jeff Ellsworth — Accidently Pregnancy Or Was It On Purpose?. Everyone be aware of this slimy two faced dirty couple. First off, this b1tch is the most two faced girl you will ever meet. Will talk shit about you the moment you’re out of earshot and its usually about a girls looks or calling them a whore or slut. She hates all females because she’s so insecure of herself and knows she’s really a disgusting person and all she does is puts other girls down but yet does the same sh1t they do. Claims she’s a good woman cause she knows basic house skills but in all reality shes a horrible person. Sorry sis, but anyone can pick up a broom ;). She literally sits on her phone all day doing nothing and attacks girls and starts problems for a living. She thinks she’s loved by everyone but in all reality every girl who “supports her” or “is her friend” are only pretending and just waiting till they break up so they can fuk him which is hilarious. She trapped this dude by getting pregnant and even her own man thinks she did it on purpose. She’s crazy and needs some serious help. Her man here tells her its all the girls fault and they were the ones in his dms but really he’s the one begging for photos. Not too mention that he cheats on her all the time even to this day and its only ever the girls fault and never his. He’s the biggest manwhore around the area

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