Trisha McCrea — More Like Trashy McTrashh

Trisha McCrea — More Like Trashy McTrashh. This girl right here is trash! She sleeps with men who are in relationships and doesn’t give a fuk about anyone but her self! Could you be any more sluttty? Why don’t you keep sneaking off with men at work that actually fit your type & stay away from men who are taken, you sleeeze! Ps- could you get anymore fake? Fake face, fake tits, fake who knows! Your fake boobs won’t fake anyone once they get your shirt off and they run! Or your pants down, nasty take a shower ! Grosssss, not to mention how much of a h0e you are! Stay the fuk away from others boyfriends! & tell Mike Moore to run, before he gets a DRD! Love; a mans gf! slut.

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