Rachel Carruthers Nasty Used Up & Useless B1tch

Rachel Carruthers Nasty Used Up & Useless B1tch.This woman is a nightmare to know! If you ever have the displeasure of meeting her I’ll give you one tip…. RUN!! She is the most selfish bitch I have EVER met and will never own up to shit she does wrong she always has to put the blame on other people because she can do no fucking wrong. What a joke this woman is she cares more about getting random dick and trying to find a new man stupid enough to stay with her conceited ass more than her own family and children.. she has abandoned all 5 of her kids!! Yes ppl FIVE KIDS!! Probably not even done reproducing yet either! She is a huge dissapointment and a disgrace to her entire family and most of all her children she abuses… she is the definition of a shitty mother and all around shitty person guaranteed to make your head spin how absolutely twisted and insane she is this is the biggest psychopath within a 1000 mile radius of sarnia. A complete and total waste of space only cares about herself. Seriously b1tch give your damn head a shake cause you’re one sick motherfuker PS – you are not near as pretty as you think you are you conceited a55hole :^)

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