I’m Darcy Fuller And I’ll Screw Anyone!

I’m Darcy Fuller And I’ll Screw Anyone!.My name is Darcy Fuller. I’m 39 years old and live in Sarnia Ontario. I’m from Forest but have had sex with every floozy and desperate fatty from Windsor to Toronto. Im always desperate to find the next hole to stick my tiny peter in even when I have a girlfriend at home. I’m such a peice of shit that I usually have to pay for sex and have several regular working girls I hook up with. I prey on underage girls and have no problem with talking dirty with them or sending them penis shots. I’ll honestly do anything to stick it in. I have no idea what women like except for what I see in the hundreds of porn videos I watch every day so I only care about getting myself off. My favorite hobby is convincing middle aged women in relationships to send me nudes. I’m even willing to pay. It makes me feel like a big manly man when I can convince a dumb broad to send me pics of her fat titties. I stare at every woman and imagine myself fucking them. Mmm mmm even the obese and elderly. I don’t care. If you’ve got tits and a vagina I want to [email protected]#k you. I’m even willing to borrow money from my own mother or take a pay day loan to cover my hooker expenses. My favorite thing to do is hurt people. I love getting in a relationship with people I can use. I find it soon funny to cheat and laugh about it to the people I’m screwing on the side. It’s entertaining to me to see just how much I can get away with. I always insist on not using condoms even with hookers because I’m desperate to spread my seed and impregnate someone. I don’t care who. I’m a sneaky slimebag and am proud of it. Now get on this pole [email protected]#h.

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