Counter Claim, Lynsey Carlton Bowles

Y’all dont even get me started on Lynsey Carlton Bowles. Ive got the REAL DIRTY! If there were a book written on how a woman should live her life, Lynsey Carlton Bowles should be the author. She has always bought into everything life has to offer and WAY MORE with her adventurous, loving and zany heart. She has been an amazing friend and boss to all with her huge, helping, sensitive heart -that couldnt hurt a fly. A rare trait, she strives to understand everyone around her’s perspective of life in order to really aid and understand them in their walk through life . She goes above and beyond for her loved ones in times of needs, birthdays, holidays, etc. -throwing parties, driving anywhere to pick people up, organizing charities, surprises, consolation events for people when they have been let down. She is someone to truly envy. At 24 years old she met her hilarious, loving husband after only ever having ONE boyfriend in her life. And they were set together. The two of them are in the center of their family, friends, and neighbors lives. They are so integrated in the life they’re building and so busy with the two boys they brought into the world, they rarely are apart, except to work or take the kids places. Randy stays in town for work and Lynsey works less than 5 days to add to giving the boys their best life. If you could actually know this woman, or even be lucky to be on her social media sites, you would see the amazing love, admiration and leaning the little boys have for this woman. She is a pillar of a strong, playful and loving Mom to them, just having got them their first puppy and dressing him up in clothes with them. Her and her husband give them the simple beauties in life as well as the grand. When she went to Iceland, she told me, “originally we thought we might go alone, but we love the boys too much and couldnt go without them.” Whatever I read in the first post about this woman was so far at the opposite end of the spectrum to the truth, it made me pity the writer. To use this low budget trash site, to try and disassemble the beautiful life this woman has built makes you a sad sad person. I feel bad that you envy her so much and that whatever tiny thing that she may have done, likely not even on purpose as she is not malice (like you), brought you to that post’s point. Check yourself. Seriously, do some inventory. You likely have time to fix yourself… And this site should be set on fire, unbelievable.

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