Chrissy Earhart & Adam Renaud Sarnia’s Perimere Pepsihead Couple

Chrissy Earhart & Adam Renaud Sarnia’s Perimere Pepsihead Couple.Watch out for these 2 lovely’s because this couple are Pepsi dealing pepsiheads who rip off everyone they sell to and he sends her out to trade sex for drugs with the promise that he loves her so muhh and let’s not forget that everyone who’s been getting busted in and around town can thank these 2 for rating them out so that he can get a reduced sentogorbthe weapon & drug charges he’s facing but that’s the good part cause these low lives sell out of their house on Roger St where they live with her 2 little girls but don’t care in the slightest about them at all, they use the poor girls as a meal ticket to get their Pepsi and can’t be bothered to provide them with anything they need, they send them to school without lunches and get high and forget to pick them up after school ! Real winners across the board !

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