Chantale Depaepe — Secret Nasty Crackhead H0e

Chantale Depaepe Secret Nasty Crackhead H0e.This is Chantale De Paepe ,Its about time someone call out this b1tch for what she is this b1tch is a crackhead to the bone she masquerade like she doesn’t do anything wrong but this b1tch has done every drug and sex act in the book you could think of ,this h0e shoots up her arm with any drug she could get ,this h0e love to get fist fuk in the ass so much that she has piece of skin hanging from her a55 ,this b1tch would give you a Atm and then lick the sh1t off your d1ck like its ice cream ,men just be careful with this h0e she has a body count of 200 Pius this b1tch has been working as a escort in Toronto before she move back here. You could find her under aliases on different web sites you could even find her on some bdsm web site ,this b1tch love to have all of her holes plug at the same time, i have never met a h0e like this one who would do anything for a little bit of drugs this b1tch had a three some with me in less than a hour after meeting her and now pretends she doesn’t know who i am , i did some digging on this h0e and find out the she have even over dose a couple of times in Toronto ,her stupid a55 boyfriend Brian doesn’t have a clue that this h0e is out here giving away Atms and he is home looking after her dog and word has it she is back in Toronto doing the same thing while he is Looking after her dog.

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