Ashley Smith — Homewrecking Drug Addict “Mom”

Ashley Smith — Homewrecking Drug Addict “Mom”.I don’t even know where to start with this girl. She sleeps with ANYTHING that walks, does not know how to stay off of drugs for the life of her OR her daughter. Last week she was busted for trafficking pepsi and charged. this girls like 20? Has absolutely nothing going for her. Clown lips for daaaaays. She looks decent but the b1tch is NUTS. When i dumped her for giving me the drd she said she was going to fuk my DAD? She’s attacked me at bars before aswel. This girl will do anything in her power to wreck your life just for the fun of it. I could not beleive this girl and her lies she’s spreading about my friends. She need a serious reality check and to STOP hitting up all my female friends boyfriends it’s discusting. This is coming from a GUY. Keep your mans, girls, dogs, cats, fish. Especially fish away from her, she really. Goes for anything. She don’t need no more fish, seriously please keep fish away from her. Woman, sorry no. Catfish. Has nothing going for her. I really hope she grows up and smartens up. For the sake of your daughter Ashley. Grow to over a mental capacity of 11. PLEASE GIRL. Stay safe.

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