Ashley Dobson Uses Jon Lee For Boob Job

Jon Lee hires Ashley Dobson to suck and fck him for 5k for new titties. Next time she fuks you buy her a car because its broke AF…You need a new car sweetie, get to work. She meets men at her job and then sleeps with guys that have girlfriends because shes desperate. Jon lee and old and balding and fat and has to pay little girls to fuk him because anyone that knows him knows hes an alcoholic cheating pepsi head. Good luck hope your greg doesnt fall off and Ashley, congrats you now have drds! Hope you had a fun day whore! Ashley physically assaulted me, lucky I didnt present charges whore…crying down the street in her red hoopty pos car that she needs the money jon promised her for fuking him in the Red room. Put some more injectables in those lips because that’s the only way you can make money, open up wide!

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