Angelica M. Monzon And Christian Are Con Artists. Pyramid Schemes Continue.

Angelica M. Monzon And Christian Are Con Artists. Pyramid Schemes Continue. Nik put this sl00t Angelica on blast. She has always taken money from married men or those in she could suck or fuk down to get hundreds if not thousands of dollars from. She not aging well because she a pepsihead drunk vegas slut. Her man is gay and hasn’t told her stupid a55 he was the cover of a gay magazine. No offense to gays but he should’ve at least told the b1tch that hes sucked and fuked more d1ck than her to get modeling gigs. He only stopped once his ex Ashley dropped him. Her other secret is she sucked his friend sam sarpong d1ck when he was at the act Las Vegas when she wanted more tip for service. The year she eloped with chris is the same when sam jumped to his death RIP. Remember she is a bottle rat by profession. She never told chris she knew sam and sam didn’t wanna tell chris his wife was a c0cksucker. These 2 slut and secret f@g have found a way to escape their pathetic reality by lying to everyone including themselves. The worst thing is that they try and scam people. 1st the herbalife pyramid scheme they used to scam their own friends and family. Out of hundreds of dollars .that sh1t didn’t even work for weight loss. Then their bullshit lending. They’re not even licensed. Now the next pyramid scheme is CBD garbage that isn’t even legal but these 2 dont care and will do anything for money. He sold his house in socal and moved into her parents shack in the Eastside san jose. They both look like sh1t and are trying to convince people to join their garbage scheme. Its fuked up because they try to reach uneducated mexican people that will buy the sh1t they post on IG and internet sites. Please nik post them online so people save their time and money. Check out his gay mag cover. And take a look at sl00t city She came cover up ever because shes only 4ft 11inches and will get lost under her mans giant nose. Yuck.

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